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Leif Andersen

Leif Andersen (President & CEO)

Leif Andersen was appointed as a Director of the Company effective September 23, 2010. Mr. Andersen has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company since October 25, 2010. Mr. Andersen has been the managing member of Sebring Software, LLC, a Florida limited liability company (which became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company as a result of the Exchange), since its inception in November of 2006. Sebring Software, LLC is in the business of providing software integration solutions. From 1987 to August 2006, Mr. Andersen was the President of Vermax, Inc., a Utah corporation that manufactured bathroom fixtures.

Mr. Andersen was born in Norway, raised in Brazil and has worked in a number of Western countries. Mr. Andersen studied Chemical Engineering at the Norwegian Institute of Technology from 1975-1979. Subsequently, he has led companies in the hospitality industry, building materials, management consulting, high technology and energy markets. Mr. Andersen began his business career with the Donovan Companies, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. While at Donovan he was involved with the distribution of propane, natural gas, coal mining and other ventures. In addition Mr. Andersen was engaged in cogeneration projects and introducing new technology into natural gas air conditioning systems manufactured by Yazaki in Japan. Mr. Andersen has been the CEO of four start ups and led companies with as many as 460 employees with over $280 million in annual revenues.

Three of his four start-up ventures were successful. One of these was a sonar technology company based on a Norwegian technology. This company was later sold to Toshiba and is part of a Toshiba division today.

Mr. Andersen served as liaison for the Norwegian Olympic Committee, was appointed and served as the Salt Lake City, Utah Consul for the Kingdom of Norway from 1995 to 2004 and was made a Knight of the First Order by His Majesty King Harald V of Norway in 2002.


Michael Andersen (VP Operations)

Michael Andersen is a co-founder and has been with the company since its inception working primarily with business development and establishing a sales force to coincide with the company’s marketing strategy.  Since January 1, 2013 Mr. Andersen has served as the Vice President of Operations.  Since serving this role Mr. Andersen oversees daily operations on both the parent company and individual practice levels.  Mr. Andersen also works closely with the company’s auditors and legal counsel in the preparation of all filings for any and all regulatory requirements the company is subject to.  Prior to joining Sebring Mr. Andersen worked with a leading cultured marble manufacturing company providing materials to the housing industry. His role was to provide sales management and assist with quality control and automation. Mr. Andersen obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business.