Sebring Software, Inc.

Here’s a brief overview of our company.

Currently Sebring manages 31 Orthodontic Practices throughout Florida.  Sebring manages a General Family Dentistry and 2 Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Practices in Phoenix, Arizona.  Our company is committed to growth in both of these states and is actively pursuing opportunistic dental platforms throughout the United States.

Sebring has developed a robust pipeline of opportunistic acquisitions of Dental Practice Management (“DPM”) companies, including individual dental practices primarily located in Arizona and Florida.  Sebring also has rights to an eCenter-icm2 software license from Engineering Consulting and Solutions, GmbH (“ECS”).

DPM companies combine acquisition and organic growth to boost revenues while instilling best practice management infrastructure to increase the dental practices’ profitability.  This trend will increasingly become mainstream within 5 to 10 years according to the American Dental Association (“ADA”).  Approximately 170,000 dentists operate in 130,000 dental clinics, with over 82% of dental practices consisting of 1 or 2 dentists according to ADA.  Sebring has rights to a license with a German software developer to market its proprietary software solution, eCenter, in North and South America.  Using the eCenter platform, Sebring has developed numerous proprietary integration adapters since 2007.  Over the next year, Sebring will be rolling out a series of these software adapters focused primarily on dental healthcare.  eCenter is an ideal solution for its unsurpassed  scope, universal compatibility,  flexible user interface, and the smooth integration and improved mobilization of software assets that it delivers.  eCenter is a Rich Internet Application (“RIA”) software that offers an inexpensive and a more secure program consolidation solution.  The program integrates various widely used applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, several Oracle products, Siemens PL, and legacy software within an organization to seamlessly connect all existing programs into a single user interface, which substantially improves productivity.  Using eCenter, ZF Transmissions in Germany decreased the number of data entry workers from 420 to 20.

Many of the acquired DPMs and dental practices use different software packages. Sebring plans to use eCenter with Sebring’s proprietary adapters to substantially reduce the cost of its data entry.  Currently Sebring is negotiating a partnership agreement with a dental solution provider.